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For your chance to win A Tribe Called Quest’s ultimate Beats & Rhymes prize pack, sign up for Thrillist, the free daily email that offers the best of what’s new in your ‘hood. Plus, you’ll also get exclusive weekly hookups and discounts from Thrillist Rewards. 

Goodies inside the pack inclue “Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Trials Of A Tribe Called Quest” on DVD plus all of ATCQ’s studio albums (Midnight Marauders; Beats, Rhymes And Life; People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm; The Love Movement; and The Low End Theory).

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  2. ATCQ = #1 Inspirator

  3. Chris Fenwick says:

    ATCQ was the first hip-hop group that I ever liked. Since yall turned me onto the genre I have not looked back. Hip Hop for life.

  4. Sarah Worthington says:

    I hope to win, it would be one of the greastes prizes i could ever recieve!

  5. JohN Paulsen says:

    Love you guys…

  6. All time favorite hip hop crew! Im a 33 yr old white girl that still jams out to TCQ, almost daily!

  7. stephanie urankar says:

    Have loved Tribe since El Segundo! Saw Beats, Rhymes and Life on the day it opened in Cleveland and have been talking it up to everyone I know since then. The music has transcended time. Love it and love Tribe!

  8. Craig Martin says:

    This documentary was amazing. I was left wanting more.

  9. Lowendtheorychangedmylife

  10. Hampton Farr says:

    “so recognize me, kids memorize me”

  11. Thrillist & ATCQ rocks.

  12. Angie Arner says:

    Microphone check one two what is this?

  13. Brian Henning says:

    Been a fan for over a decade. Thanks for the memories

  14. becherucci benoit says:

    I need it!!!!! I love A Tribe Called Quest!!!

  15. becherucci benoit says:

    This pack is look like to be wonderful!!! I need it!

  16. becherucci benoit says:

    Je veux ce pack! Il déchire! (I need this pack! It’s rock!)
    A French big fan…

  17. Ramazan Belliveau says:

    Life altering sounds. Changed my mood.

  18. Jason Perez says:

    you guys were the the group that got me into hipho… i label you t he kings of hiphop you guys are the best

  19. Orson Williams says:

    Bonita Applebum

  20. Fabian contreras says:

    I left ma wallet in el segundo

  21. I remember watching Yo! Mtv Raps the night when I Left My Wallet In El Segundo premiered. I had caught Q-Tip on the De La joint so I had to check ATCQ out and the rest is history.

  22. motavision says:

    Rage!!! A tribe Pack!!

  23. Mike in Japan says:

    Konichiwa…What up?!

  24. Kevin Toney says:

    ATCQ is and will forever be my favorite hip-hop group! I don’t have SHIT else to say! LOL! Oh sorry, yes I do: PLEEEEASE do another tour! I’ve only seen you guys once in concert when I was 18!

  25. florian ruck says:

    i´ld love to get the pack!! you guys are amazing! one love!

  26. Eve O'Reilly says:

    Ah! I would be so happy if I won! The movie never came out in Ireland and I’ve been waiting to see it! LOVE ATCQ, by far the best hiphop group.. STILL! Thank You for being so GREAT!

  27. Bernd says:

    the beats, the rhymes

  28. deirdre kelly says:

    i’ve been a huge fan since i was about 5! Dying to see the movie as well got great reviews! and im goind to see phife play soon!

  29. Biggliekid says:

    goodie woody hoodie yo!

  30. Peter Kelly says:

    Thanks! Followed you guys since i was a dj in the 80’s.

  31. Florian Lettmeier says:

    me and my 3 year old son love a tribe called quest, please let us be the winner!

  32. tom butcher says:

    A tribe called quest = the soundtrack of my life so far

  33. William Lockwood says:

    I’ve been a fan since the Low End Theory. Wore that tape into the ground.

  34. Anh tuan Tran says:

    I Love this Group

  35. Christian Bruehne says:

    I’m looking forward to the thrillist

  36. Chris fowlie says:

    Loved the movie!!!!

  37. miguel mendoza says:

    I love tribe’s music!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Lindsay says:

    watching the doc right now!

  39. Edward Van Cutsem says:

    I don’t know if the tribe will ever preform in Belgium again. So I will have to listen to the records.

  40. Your have the illest beats ever!!!!

  41. Your have the illest beats ever!!!!

  42. RIP Harold Hunter!!! Never forget Thrasher: Skate & Destroy!!! Love this song til death. Represent, A Tribe Called Quest.

  43. jacopo says:

    Saw you last night at KOKO, It was sick, hope to see you all together soon. PEACE

  44. Thanks for your contribution to hip hop.

  45. ….record company people are shadyyyyyy!

  46. Gisette says:

    I enjoyed watching Beats Rhymes and Life; it brought back many found memories for me. It was also nice to see a lot of what Tribe has gone through and it makes me proud happy and hopeful for what was and will be in Hip Hop. Love Tribe!

  47. lyndon Derouen says:

    for you i scrub the back and i floss the butt crack. Make you shiny< Spiffy in a Jiff, Fuckin With The Ab You Got The Greatest Of Gift, Aye Yo mic Is Sounded Bug. Bob Power You There? Yea. Adjust The Bass And Treble Make my Shit Sound clear.

  48. Michael Barrett says:

    Man, you guys need to get together for ONE last album. Cherish and take advantage of the fact that Phife is still with you and do your goodbye album the way it shoulda been! Either way, you guys are legends in my book, and inspire me to better myself and my music everyday. Thank you for your contributions to hip hop. I am doing my best to keep the golden era sound alive. I strive to bring awareness and good energy through my music as you did.

    -Michael Barrett

  49. Chanel Brown says:

    Choose me to win the ATCQ contest!!

  50. Rowan says:

    I’m a newer fan and don’t have all of the albums. IT WOULD BE AMAZING TO WIN THEM!!

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