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For your chance to win A Tribe Called Quest’s ultimate Beats & Rhymes prize pack, sign up for Thrillist, the free daily email that offers the best of what’s new in your ‘hood. Plus, you’ll also get exclusive weekly hookups and discounts from Thrillist Rewards. 

Goodies inside the pack inclue “Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Trials Of A Tribe Called Quest” on DVD plus all of ATCQ’s studio albums (Midnight Marauders; Beats, Rhymes And Life; People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm; The Love Movement; and The Low End Theory).

You want all these beats & rhymes in your life, enter forFREE now!



  1. Amber McTaggart says:

    HUGE FAN!! You guys changed my life and I have been able to change other lives since. Thank you for amazing!!

  2. Anita Miller Sackman says:

    Sign me up! peace

  3. Daniel Scolnik says:

    I live up in Seattle and missed all the screenings of this movie and IT KILLED ME! I’ve been a Tribe-fan since ’90 and would like nothing more than to win all of this…


  4. Jillian Cruz says:

    I love ATCQ. They are the reason why I love hip hop.

  5. Esther van der Heijden says:

    Love from the Netherlands!

  6. Lori Karreci says:

    I really want this! I love them so much!

  7. Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have, you wanna dis the phife dawg but you still don’t know the half!
    Love these dudes they made hip-hop what it is today

  8. Chris White says:

    Peace to ATCQ! I love the film and how it represents the crew

  9. Joel Romero says:

    Been jamming ATCQ for the past 10 years and I’ve been bugging out since.

  10. I have loved tribe for about 20 years and still do thay r the best of all times know one comes close thay r real hip hop saw them twice.

  11. Ben Peters says:

    Hook a brotha up!!!

  12. Eric Turnage says:

    This would be a dream come true for a true Tribe fan.

  13. shorty let me tell you about my only vice, it has to do with lots of lovin and it ain’t nothin nice…

  14. Tim Hahn says:

    I want the ulitmate beats

  15. Steven W. Groccia says:

    Thanks! Come to Boston and perform a show!

  16. Melody Williams says:

    I Love Tribe Called Quest

  17. Danniel Murillo says:

    Big Fan…… Love the documentary saw it twice, it be coo for the first time to win some. Lol

  18. Anthony Morales says:

    Please hit me up on how I claim my prize……!

  19. Dave Munoz says:

    My name is Dave, the 6 foot brave.

  20. stephen han says:

    i’m going to be making quest love to these albums, if you know what i mean. Help a nigga out

  21. Meet tip in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2006. Told you that you save my life, due to the positive inspiriting lyrics that kept me focus on my art and not the streets when I was a girl and was father was slowing dying. Came out to see you after he passed in 2006 for a reminder. Thank you again – because once again. You keep my game in the positive path.

  22. the ummah! beats rhymes and life is one of my top fav albums. i would love this collection

  23. Fingers crossed. Oh, man would this go great in my collection.

  24. daniel perez says:

    what up what up this is daniel and i wanna get a chance to win these ill beats so i can bump them in my honda while crusin. mad ill beats i heard.

  25. yasmine says:

    I would love to win this is what it is when it comes to resl music.

  26. Quin Coleman says:

    Yo! You guys have great beats, HIT ME UP! :D

  27. Jay Kuperstein says:

    New York, North Cackalacka, & Compton!

  28. James winborn says:


  29. Bryan says:

    Can I kick it? With that prize pack I sure can! (Could probably Check the Rhime too!)

  30. Anna Lotze says:

    I HAVE BEEN ATCQ fan for-ev-er!!! <3 them!

  31. Kevin carr says:

    Okay, iamrecognizingthatthevoiceinsidemyheadisurgingmetobemyselfandneverfollowsomeoneelsebecauseopinionsarelikevoicesweallhaveadifferentkindsojustcleanoutallofyourearsthesearemyviewsandyouwillfindthat…

  32. joshua says:

    i need to win. i love quest

  33. I really need this , I missed it in the theaters, I listen to ATCQ everyday


    Born in 90,

    Biggest Tribe fan in my generation. I have to be… I listen to albums every day. The instrumentals just get me man.

  35. Benjamin Alfaro says:

    Im interested to win the ATCQ ultimate pack :)

  36. Urian DSilva says:

    The best rap group in the world nothing can touch quest not young money not Run DMc .

  37. Raphael Parra says:

    Pick me tribe is my favorite group it would really mean a lot if I won I have been having the shittiest luck lately this would make my year

  38. Kenji Hosoi says:

    Love the Tribe!

  39. Tatsuhiro Ishikawa says:

    Joined from Japan. Thanks!!

  40. Super exited….. I try to get all tha instrtumentals i can from tribe but
    the best ones are for the exclusive Elite…. Im getting close so hook me up and ill dedicate a track just to you guys and the influence you had on my life and a globe…
    God bless… yours truly,
    Nick Wickham…….
    A.K.A Knotice Hymn…….

  41. Atcq are and always will be smooth

  42. sean leeming says:

    Poor excuse, money please, I get loose off of orange juice

  43. marco says:

    tribe is my favorite group of all time! low end theory was the first album i ever bought..popped in the cd and nuthin but electric relaxation from there

  44. Shannon Mulqueen says:

    Words cannot describe how much i love A Tribe Called Quest. You all pioneered hip hop and showed the world yours and hip hops full potential. Best in the game. You guys are going down in history; definitly a classic in hip hop. You will never get old. Much love and appriciation of your music. Keep it real

  45. Ras da Sloth says:

    We maraude for ears… :-)

  46. Sam Newton says:

    Love you ATCQ haha Ali Shaheed Muhammad you da boss

  47. Jayshree says:

    Taking a class called Beats, Rhythm and Life next term solely because I saw Beats, Rhythm and Life.

  48. nick says:

    big tribe fanN!!!!

  49. bigmike says:

    It said my comment was too short. If it was Too $hort I wouldn’t need to sign up to try to win the awesome albums and the DVD!!! So, um, basically TCQ is one of the illest groups in history. Period. The rhymes. The flow. The beats. The kicks. The snares. The samples. The warmth. The vibe. The love. What else can I say? Top billin. Got it? Good.
    T-C-Q, is in the hood
    Why it felt like they left, I never understood
    But they really didn’t they just lived their life
    Q-Tip, Ali Sha, Jarobi & Phife
    Yes I’m down, down by law
    For beats and rhymes that are so raw
    Raw like the bass, in all that jazz
    And the drums, the solidness you know it has
    From Travels to Low End to Midnight to – hey
    TCQ has classics dating from back in the day
    It’s like butter baby, you better get that straight
    All the joints they did, I appreciate
    It made my head bob for hours on end
    If you don’t like Tribe then you’re not my friend
    It’s ok, cause I still have fun though
    Even if I left my wallet in El Segundo
    Did I mention they got the samples and drums?
    You gotta give it up for the Native Tongues
    But anyway I really hope that the Tribe creates
    a new album with the vibe that pre-dates
    all this dumb shit today called hiphop or rap
    Cause everybody knows it’s full of crap
    Ok I know there’s a few gems out there
    But imagine some new TCQ in the air
    Fresh and fun, without all the hurry
    Sounds so good like tasty vegetable curry
    Well now I gotta say I’m out – it’s been a good time
    People, let the Tribe know you wanna check the rhime.

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