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Goodies inside the pack inclue “Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Trials Of A Tribe Called Quest” on DVD plus all of ATCQ’s studio albums (Midnight Marauders; Beats, Rhymes And Life; People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm; The Love Movement; and The Low End Theory).

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  1. I literally JUST finished watching the “Beats Rhymes & Life the Travels of A Tribe Called Quest”.I was born in 1990 and honestly didn’t realize the musical greatness that ATCQ had to offer. Of course I remember Q-tip’s Vivrant Thing, I only wish that i knew of his prior musical involvements. If I won this prize pack I’m sure that it would change my life and the way that I view hip hop forever! I NEED this prize pack!

  2. Daniel Henry says:


  3. tonydune says:

    You guys are the reason real hip will go on check the rhyme

  4. Mickeal says:

    Your next album should be called ‘I Am…’ :)
    One Love~

  5. Thank You for the music! Love the movie!

  6. Cory Brown says:

    Great flick. I miss that era of hip hop. Great documentary.

  7. Doug says:

    The Tribe Is Family<3

  8. Doug murray says:

    You guys give me a great influence. I look up to you. The Tribe is in my heart<3

  9. Sam Miles says:

    Word up ATCQ gotta get the prize!

  10. always remembering what we here for…..peace brothers

  11. martins says:


  12. Milo Abrams-Hickman says:

    You guys ROOOOOOOOOCKK!!!!

  13. Gabe Gaspar says:

    I left my album collection in El Segundo, so I gotta win this I got got to win this..

  14. Growing up in the 80s and 90’s on the south side of chicago. I rapped like every other kid. but I only bumped tcq. I luv tip and the boys….big fan!!!!

  15. deet street says:

    Everything is fair when ur livin in da citie

  16. Jordan Guillory says:

    love life and tribe

  17. Justin Baron says:

    I wanna win the Beats & Rhymes Prize pack!

  18. Alanna says:

    ATCQ Fan for Life!

  19. Danny Farmer says:

    man you guys are nothing but amazing. I bought all you albums I bought almost anything that any of you were featured in, I even got a native tongues cassette tape. You guys have been my favorite rappers since I first heard midnight marauders when I was 13. This beats and rhymes prize pack would mean the world to me. To have a piece of the greatest tribe known to man would mean the world to me. To think that Q (the mastermind), Phife (the funky diabetic), Ali (the master on the table), and jarobi (the golden chef of the mic) could possibly pick me as the winner of this prize entices me more than ever. I am glad for the consideration and even more grateful for the opportunity that this is.

  20. Tim hollopeter says:

    Real Hip Hop….in a dark, bleak musical landscape that is today. Keep it real guys.

  21. Christian Garcia says:

    You guys are TOO DOPE.
    Seen Phife on the Documentary Channel and went crazy.
    “Industry Rule #4080… record company people are shady” Too true
    Much Love from Sacramento, CA
    One Love

  22. Eric Hendrickson says:

    ATCQ allday everyday

  23. Melissa Urena says:

    i was never a fan of hip hop, until i listened to atcq, i never gave hip hop a chance, now that ive listen to them &i now know what hip hop is, &im soo in love with it, i dont go a day without listening to at least one of there songs,when i play there music , i feel soo happy, im always just smiling&vi-bin to them with my brother, they also grew me in to a love of jazz.
    there so amazing &they should really just make another show. if they dont wanna make a new album thats fine, but all i would really wish for is to at least see them on stage.

  24. clyde goode says:

    In it to win it!

  25. Dan Amponsah says:

    Maan You Guys Are Too Dope…Ya’ll Inspire Me F’rill…You Guys Helped Keep Me Focused In LIfe And Thats The Truth!!!…

  26. SPICEMAN says:

    I am a long time fan and still am. I grew up with this music.

  27. Hamadi says:

    Been a fan since day one. Hope to see 1 more album cause hip hop needs y’all in the worst way!

  28. Nicholas Mangone says:

    ATCQ is one of the realest hip-hop groups out there and I wish they would make one more album for the new generation to know the truth about things because the youth is falling apart and we need more positivity in the music that we are hearing.


    Much Much Love to The Tribe-Quest…truly a major element to hip-hop!!!!

  30. Kevin Labno says:

    Favorite hip hop group of all time, still feel the warmth and vibes since the first time “Bonita Applebum” kissed my ears. Please come to Chicago!!!

  31. im not sure what this space is for but i will say im tribed out man. in my cd player, the background on my phone. the ringtone on my phone. the renaissance is one of the hottest albums ever. rap is not pop if you call it that and stop!

  32. Julian says:

    Hi! I don’t know if this site is maintained still or if this contest is over, but I’d still love (I can hardly believe I missed it, it was on my birthday!) to enter could someone let me know it the prize has been awarded yet?

  33. Courtney Lundy says:

    Love the tribe! There will be no other….

  34. butter beats says:

    i’m a hip hop head and for me to have this would prob change my life

  35. ada Luz says:

    Hey I would really like if you guys could make a sexy female shirt with the saying a tribe called quest :) I’ve been looking and can’t find please make one .thank u

  36. Alexandra Miller says:

    I’ve been listening to a tribe called quest since i was a little girl, thanks to my mom. Now I am 18 and appreciate the amazing music ATCQ created. Many songs got me through the days and nights, and I even try to get my friends into the songs I listen to. I do not go one day with out listening to at least one or two songs from any album. I even have my own playlist that says, “A Tribe Called Quest.”

  37. Mark Vuletich says:

    Beats is life, too true that! Keep it spinning!

  38. chris says:


  39. Paola Vazquez says:

    When I was four I heard the song can I kick it and immediately fell in love and stayed in love haha will never forget that moment! I love a tribe called quest!!

  40. J Patton says:

    Just saw and loved the movie!

  41. Arainn p says:

    It’s all I need in my life!

  42. Jeannine says:

    I’m a huge fan,
    I’d love to win the package :)

  43. Joshua Lake says:

    I’d like to enter into the Tribe contest. Thanks!

  44. Quinton Wideman says:

    Yeah boy!! A Tribe Called Quest all day, every day! Who’s hip hop? Tip and the boys ya dig!?


    Been a fan since……..damn! THE BEGINNING!!

    Y’all need to drop something for us true hip hop heads!! I know we’re all hitting 40, but we got disposable income!!

    If ever in Vegas- I WILL BE THERE!! – I just wanna know….can I kick it?

  46. Jack V. says:

    ATCQ is the best

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